Sunday worship – 10:30am  —  a blend of classical and contemporary, with a goal of praising God and feeding (both comforting and challenging) God’s people.

Lidgerwood Presbyterian Church                                                                                      4449 N. Nevada St., Spokane, WA  99207                                                                                       509-487-9667


Lidgerwood Presbyterian Church was founded on Pentecost Sunday 1907, as a daughter church of Fourth Presbyterian (now Fourth Memorial Church), and is named after the then-neighborhood name of Lidgerwood Park Addition in northeast Spokane, WA.            We put our faith in the Triune God, revealed to us in Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We firmly believe in God’s gift of salvation only through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. And we trust the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as God’s authoritative and infallible Word written and preserved for His people. And we believe that as followers of Jesus it is our privilege to glorify God and enjoy Him always in obedience to His Word.

Come and discover a people of genuine faith and authentic worship.

to find us on FaceBook, look here: http://www.facebook.com/LidgerwoodPresbyterianChurch?fref=ts


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